OS - 1400 Cereal Bar Line

Energy Requirements

Electric 7.5 kW

Capacity Features

Cereal Bar 120-150kg/h

The mixer has a radial blade with a horizontal axis for mixing products such as caramelized sugar and peanuts, sesame seeds, flat rice, cereals, nougat. There is also an optional feedback system for adding special ingredients such as crushed pistachios, raisins to the mixer. special stirrer with a fast and slow rotation speed provides a homogeneous mixture during heating.The crook has an inlet chamber where the product is directed to the crochet bar line machine. The mixed product is then directed to a number of rollers, where the user can adjust the cutting height. The size of the crochet bars may vary according to the user's needs and the blades are designed to cut it. thai pneumatic sharpened cutter is used. The design of the cutter is adjusted for a clear and fast cut without ever damaging the product. The user can adjust the thickness of the product to the desired level. The blades can be easily changed. It is designed on a modular architecture.The refrigeration machine helps to harden the bar line after cooking. There is an axial fan mounted on the refrigeration machine. The porous AISI 304 conveyor helps the heat dissipation and reduces the temperature of the product being processed.

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