OS - 850 Continuous Fryer Line

Energy Requirements

Capacity Features

Cone Chips 500-650 kg/h
Peanut Sauce 320-470 kg/h
Chickpea Sauce 320-470 kg/h
Peanut 300 - 450 kg/h
Cashew 300 - 450 kg/h
Amigo Peanuts 300 - 450 kg/h

OS - 850 ton fryer is a frying machine which can fry the product and give it a perfect quality. frying unit, oil filter, mechanical filter, paper filter, storage tanks and chimney accident. discharged from storage tanks. The oil is heated to the desired degree in the boiler. The oil is then transported to the heat exchanger, where the temperature of the industrial oil is replaced by the food oil. The hot oil is then transferred to the fryer unit. The fryer unit has a double-layered platform to ensure that the product remains in the frying oil. This ensures that no product is fried indifferently. There is a mechanical filter that ensures the progress of production. This ensures the preservation of food integrity. The fryer also has a paper filter to pump clear and clean oil back into the fryer.

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